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Can not move OSK on top of Windows taskbar

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Tue Oct 04 2011, 09:00AM
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Dabei seit: Thu Aug 11 2011, 11:51AM
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Hi, when I set AccessDenied=2 in Windows registry, I can't move OnScreen keybord on top of Windows taskbar. Looks like it's stick to the edges of the screen and can't be moved outside. When I set AccessDenied to 0 I can move OSK to any position. Is this intentionally? Is it possible to move OSK above Windows taskbar with AccessDenied=2?
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Wed Oct 05 2011, 10:29AM

Dabei seit: Wed Sep 19 2007, 03:42PM
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Please use version

You can set AccessDenied=3.

Have a nice day
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